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Master Propio in International Trade  

Programme description and justification

The Propio Master Degree in International Trade aims for students to acquire comprehensive and transversal training focused on the process of internationalization of the economy to facilitate the management of activities in a global context. This degree programme aims at training for the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and tools in the analysis and decision- making in the process of internationalization, as well as the timely and continuous management of economic activities in a global environment.

The proposed Master is justified by the need to train advanced professionals in international trade and in different functional areas of global management, while developing necessary skills such as the ability to adapt, innovate and creativity. In addition, due to the demands of the globalization of the markets, students will be trained to know all those tools that allow access to the global market, such as the digital strategies applied to international trade or the rules and principles that regulate international marketing.

Basic information of the programme

Director: Victor Martín Cerdeño
Co-Director: Juan Carlos Izquierdo Villaverde

Teaching modality: Face-to-face teaching and full time course
Duration: One year

Teaching language: English

Places available: 240

Price: 9.500 

Teaching objectives of the programme

The general objectives of the programme are:

a. That the student acquires a comprehensive and transversal training focused on the processes of internationalization of the economy, intending that the students know the international environment and thus be able to manage activities in a global context.

b. To train the student to acquire the knowledge and tools necessary for analysis and decision- making in internationalization processes, as well as the timely and continuous management of economic activities in a global environment.

a. To train students to understand the international economic, political and social environment and its influence on strategic decisions in international trade.

b. To train to direct and manage economic activities based on a feasibility analysis based on competitive advantages that allow internationalization in order to create value and capture the value created and sustainably over time.

c. To know the criteria, as well as the tools for the correct selection of international markets, the development of products and/or services adapted to the international markets that have been chosen to operate, establish the policies and strategies of price, commercialization and commercial distribution.

d. To train to develop a marketing plan appropriate to the international vision of commercial activities.

e. To train in the particularities of contracting and financing international markets, as well as in the own means of payment established for international transactions.

f. To establish the international logistics and transport network appropriate to the needs of global commercial activities.

g. To train to have a global vision of the trade, understanding the interaction of each of the areas and provide a 360-degree perspective of the organization.

This is a Master Propio from Madrid Complutense University, managed by Gestión Educativa Consultores, associated organization of Madrid Complutense University.

The specific objectives are:

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