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MBA Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Programme description and justification


The master’s degree is focused on people interested in the creation and execution of ideas and in the development of projects. It will teach students the relevant steps in the creation and execution of companies to be potential entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs, to lead projects (e.g.: new lines of business, projects, etc.) within large organizations with a general vision (from ideation to finance ), and/or to transform traditional companies and/or SMEs into more innovative companies with greater potential.

Module 1: Entrepreneurial initiative and business ideas

Module 2: Developing and implementing the business Project

Module 3: Marketing for new ventures

Module 4: Financing new ventures

Module 5: Managing and organizing new ventures

Module 6: Strategies for growth and managing life cycle of new ventures

Teaching modality: Face-to-face teaching and full time course

Credits: 60 credits (ECTs)

Duration: One year

Teaching language: English

Places available: 50

Price: 9.500 €

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