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Master Propio in

Marketing Management

Evaluation of each Module

The methodology of teaching followed is as follows:

- Dialogue classes, where the teacher explains the subject and introduces examples on the subject taught to be able to debate them.

- Business Cases (case method), which the teacher proposes in class for resolution and group discussion.

- Marketing Simulation Practice.

The professor develops 4 multiple choice questions about the taught syllabus.

Subsequently, each module will be evaluated through two multiple-choice partial exams located in the months of March and June in which the modules seen to date are grouped, and in which 3 to 4 questions are collected for each module.

Each exam has a weight of 15% of the total evaluation of the Master.

Dissertation/Project for the Master (TFM)


The students, as a team, must develop a Marketing Plan about a product and / or service that does not exist until now in Spain (or if it exists, is in the launch phase).
The aim of this work is to put into practice the knowledge acquired by the students throughout the course, as well as to encourage their creativity and teamwork. On the other hand, the ability of students to present and defend their work is promoted, since they will have to present their Plan in front of a panel of professors selected for the occasion.

Direction and monitoring system

The students will have a practical tutor who is assigned a series of classes distributed throughout the course, where the dissertation will be explained and the dissertation  developed by each team will be monitored.

In addition, they will have the continued support, via email, of said the tutor.

Evaluation criteria and procedures

- TFM developed for this project by the student throughout the course and followed by the tutor (50% of the total assessment)
- Committee evaluation (50% of the total evaluation) broken down into:
   * Defense of thesis (30% of the assessment)
   * Explanatory video of the project developed by the students (20% of the assessment)

In general, the TFM will have a weight of 35% of the total grade for the course.

Course evaluation criteria and procedures

The evaluation system is based on a continuous evaluation model, as the Master is made up of 6 modules. Each of the modules will consist of one or two subjects of 24 hours.​

The student must pass each of the modules whose evaluation will have the following weighting:
• 60% exam or essay.
• 40% continuous evaluation.

In addition to the course successfully completed, the student must develop a Master's Thesis (TFM). The evaluation of the TFM will have the following weighting:
• 50% written document.
• 50% exposure and defense.

Students will obtain a final grade for the Master that will be made up according to the following criteria:
• 60% corresponding to the average mark of the 6 modules.
• 40% corresponding to the grade obtained in the TFM.

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