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Master Propio in

Information Technology Management

Program description and justification

The University-specific master´s degree will facilitate students both the development and knowledge of Digital Science so necessary in the new way of understanding the economy and business. Throughout the course the student will focus on learning how to make information systems (hardware, software and networks) work efficiently.

Basic information of the program

Director: Víctor Manuel Molero Ayala
Co-Director: Juan Carlos Izquierdo Villaverde

Coordinator: Asunción Martínez Pleite

Teaching modality: Non-presential

Credits: 60 credits (ECTs)
Duration: One year 

Teaching language: English

Places available: 80

Price: 8.500 

Teaching objectives of the program

The University-specific master´s degree in Information Technology Management (IT Management) ensures that all technology resources and associated employees are used correctly and in a way that provides value for an organization. The master´s degree enables an organization to optimize resources and staffing, improve business and communication processes, and apply best practices.

The master’s degree in marketing management is intended for graduate and professional Chinese-speaking students who want to expand and renew their knowledge in the new challenges posed by the increasing complexity of the Chinese market and its impact on the world economy. This Master also seeks to teach the most innovative tools, cybersecurity, the digital transformation of the company and digital marketing, to satisfy the needs of potential clients, without neglecting the profitability and sustainability of the company.



This is a Master Propio from Madrid Complutense University, managed by Gestión Educativa Consultores, associated organization of Madrid Complutense University.


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