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Master Propio in

Hospitality Management

Teaching structure


[1]​Clinical Practices: 1 ECTS for conducting or supervising clinical practices is equivalent to between 20 and 22.5 hours, indicate hours in the adjacent cell: 20.

* Total number of ECTS credits: 60

* Total hs. of teaching activities: 232

Program schedule

Module 1: Global business strategy / International Hospitality Management

- Business strategy and management applied to the hotel sector
- Strategic analysis of the business environment

- Analysis of internal capacity and external competition

- Analysis of competitive advantage
- Business plan of the hotel company
- Internationalization strategy in the hotel sector
- Hospitality Management
- Adaptation to regional and national specificity of the global strategy

Specific competences of Module 1:

  • To know, learn and apprehend the business strategy of hotel companies in a framework of global competition.

  • To know how to make business decisions based on current challenges of the hotel company on an international scale.

  • To know and take into account the internal and external variables of the company to consolidate a competitive business strategy.

  • To know the implications of globalization in the hotel sector.

  • To identify the implications of an international management of a hotel chain.

  • To know the differences and detect regional peculiarities in global management.

Module 2: Human Resources Management in Hospitality / Prevention of Occupational Risks in Hotel Establishments

- Human resources in the hotel sector
- Strategic human resources planning in the hotel sector

- Selection of candidates and staff for the different functions in the establishment

- Management of hotel establishments
- Continuing training of hotel staff
- Occupational risks in the hotel sector
- Risk factors in hotel establishments
- Impact of existing risks
- Risk prevention and mitigation measures
- International rules applicable to occupational risks

- Rights and obligations of employers and employees

- Liability system for occupational risks in the hotel sector

Specific competences of Module 2:

  • To identify the existing human resources in the hotel company.

  • To know the internal and external organization of human resources related to the hotel company.

  • To know how to manage the diversity of human resources in a globalized environment.

  • To know the management and selection policies of hotel staff.

  • To know the different risks in hotel companies.

  • To know how to identify risk mitigation, prevention and solution measures.

  • To know the international regulations for risk prevention.

Module 3: Digital marketing and data analytics

- The role of marketing in the hotel sector
- The consumer and his environment

- Strategic business planning

- Offline and online marketing
- Digital marketing
- Communication and promotion channels in the hotel sector
- Examples of successful hotel marketing campaigns
- The importance of data in the hotel sector

- Data analysis for hotel management

Specific competences of Module 3:

  • To know the fundamentals of marketing applied to hotel companies.

  • To know how to identify new marketing trends and their application to the sector.

  • To identify the different segments of the consumer and the resulting communication strategies.

  • To define business strategies based on trends and consumers detected.

  • To know the different sources of data and know how to use, analyze and interpret them for an effective implementation within the framework of the positioning strategy of the hotel company.

Module 4: Finance for decision making

- Accounting foundations of hotel activity
- Economic and financial fundamentals of the hotel sector

- Analysis of the economic and financial profitability of hotel management

- The budgetary management of the hotel company

Specific competences of Module 4:

  • To know, understand and know how to analyze the accounting and economic-financial concepts and aspects of a hotel company to make strategic decisions in a global and international world.

Module 5: Innovation and Sustainability

- Recent innovations and trends in the hotel sector
- Management innovation in the hotel sector

- Technology as a vector of change in the hotel sector

- The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) applied to the hotel sector
- Sustainability in the hotel sector
- Sustainability management in hotel establishments

Specific competences of Module 5:

  • To know the latest innovations in the hotel sector and know how to establish a culture of innovation.

  • To devise innovations based on individual and group creativity.

  • To apply new trends to hotel management.

  • To identify new innovative and sustainability challenges in a changing world.

  • To know the SDGs and their impact on hotel management on an international scale.

Module 6: Restaurant and Event Management

- Catering in hotel establishments
- Food and beverage management in hotels

- Gastronomic offer as a basic foundation of the hotel establishment

- The events sector in the management of the hotel
- Types of events, management and event clients
- Marketing of events in hotel establishments
- Management and organization of events in hotel establishments

- Events and catering for hotel guests

Specific competences of Module 6:

  • To know the role of hotels in the organization of events.

  • To know how to incorporate MICE segment events in the management and planning of the hotel establishment.

  • To identify the role of food and beverage services in the hotel company's business strategy.

  • To learn restaurant and event management within the framework of the hotel's global strategy.

  • To know and establish negotiation strategies with external companies.

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