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Master Propio in Educational Development and Innovations

Evaluation of each Module

This Master is modular in nature with evaluation procedures specific to each section into which the title is divided. The student must pass each of the modules through the specific exercises required in each section and which include the following activities:


  • Written works

  • Preparation of educational resources of a digital nature

  • Preparation of teaching projects

  • Oral presentations.

  • Individual and group portfolio.

  • Readings and research

  • Attendance and active participation in the course

Master's Final Project (TFM)

In addition to the development of the course in the 6 study modules, the student must complete a Master's Final Project (TFM). The TFM must be a first version of a scientific article that includes the possibility of having been presented for evaluation in an International Journal if you wish to qualify for the highest grade.

Specific competences of TFM

1. Plan, develop and evaluate the current teaching and learning process promoting educational processes that facilitate the acquisition of the competencies of the respective teachings, taking into account the level and previous training of the students as well as their orientation

2. Search, obtain, process and communicate information (oral, printed, audiovisual, digital or multimedia), transform it into knowledge and apply it in the teaching and learning processes in the modules of the Master studied

3. Design and develop learning spaces with special attention to equity, emotional education and values, equal rights and opportunities between men and women, citizenship training and respect for human rights that facilitate life in society, decision making and building a sustainable future

4. Apply the knowledge acquired and promote the resolution of problems in new or little-known environments within broader (or multidisciplinary) contexts related to their area of study

5. Make a scientific contribution, through original research that expands the frontiers of knowledge in education, developing a substantial corpus, of which at least one part deserves the publication referenced at a national or international level

6. Contribute to the advancement of research in education as a guide and improvement of professional practices in this field

Management and Monitoring System

For the completion of the TFM, students will have supervision of a tutor from Complutense University of Madrid. Tutors are assigned by the university for each full academic year. Specifically, the Tutor:

  • Specify the subject of the TFM with the student

  • Guide the student and jointly develop a work plan according to the delivery and presentation schedule of the TFM

  • Agree with the student a date for the student to deliver the completed TFM, which will be in the days prior to its deadline.

  • Carry out a follow-up of the work preparation process, with periodic meetings

Evaluation Criteria and Procedure

All TFMs will be analyzed by an anti-plagiarism program, the detection of which will result in not obtaining this Title. The TFMs will be delivered and will be submitted to a commission for evaluation. The members of the commission will receive the TFMs in advance enough so that they can analyze them. The commission will assess the TFM according to the following criteria: Written document (70%) and Exhibition and defense (30%).

Degree award

The direction of the Master may grant the global qualification of Honor Roll, within the limit of 10% of students as established in article 30.2, BOUC of November 19, 2018.

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