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Master Propio in Educational Development and Innovations

Programme description and justification

This Master is designed to offer quality training for teachers or future teaching professionals in order to adapt to the educational reality of the 21st century, defined in terms of Revolution 4.0 and the VUCA environment (Vulnerability, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity).

The title is divided into six modules with the common component of developing innovative teaching methods, intensive use of technology in the classroom and typical scientific research of Educational Sciences. At the end of the course, students will be prepared to teach in any environment and in a manner consistent with the SDG objective number 5, "Quality education", defined by the UN.

Regarding the facilities for the development of the Master's Degree, there will be spaces outside the Faculty of Education located in other dependencies of the Complutense University that will be arranged at the time when the displacement of the students is possible.

This title is justified by the need to train teaching professionals with the ability to incorporate teaching methodologies adapted to a global and connected world. One of the characteristics of current contexts goes through a redefinition of space and time, which have already changed their meaning based on new technologies, so that adapting teaching to this environment constitutes a first-order need when it comes to favor the development of fairer societies related to the global village in which we operate.

There is a vast scientific literature that justifies the adjustment of current teaching frameworks to the development of competencies and skills such as critical thinking, the responsible use of resources or the ability to communicate and interact with other agents. The teaching-learning mechanics must enable any teacher to have the necessary tools to adapt to changing environments and, in addition, to obtain elements of evaluation that allow the improvement of professional performance. This title will provide the necessary skills to teach according to these criteria.

Basic information of the programme

Director: David Alonso García
Co-Director: Juan Carlos Izquierdo Villaverde

Coordinator: Desirée García Gil
Teaching modality: Face-to-face teaching and full time

Credits: 60 credits (ECTs)
Duration:One year

Teaching language: English

Places available: 240

Price: 9.500 

Teaching objectives of the programme

General objectives of the Master:

1. To train teaching professionals to be professionally capable for a teaching development adjusted to the current parameters of Education Sciences.

2. Perfect the initial training of teaching professionals to provide quality education in the proposed terms defined by the UN in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Specific objectives of the Master:

1. Discuss the main educational paradigms in a globalized world, their challenges and possible alternatives.

2.To know the current situation of the new technologies of education and communication, particularly analyzing their impact on current learning models.

3. To deepen in the different initiatives that have arisen in the educational centers and institutions for their adaptation to the new scenarios of the information society.

4.Provide students with the necessary research and evaluation tools for the analysis of classroom interventions.

5.Know the trends in innovation applied to the different specific didactics.

6.Promote teaching in STEM environments adapted to the 4.0 Revolution that characterizes our globalized society.

This is a Master Propio from Madrid Complutense University, managed by Gestión Educativa Consultores, associated organization of Madrid Complutense University.

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